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Things We Love: KDB goes swimming

Kevin De Bruyne putting in a claim for world's cutest dad and Oasis in retro City shirts are this week's big stars on the internet.

We at mancity.com have scoured the web and found everything with a City twist that might interest you...


Kevin De Bruyne has had an excellent start to the season but while he recovers from injury, he's taking time out to dip his baby's toes in the water.

Mason Milian De Bruyne was born in March and when his dad decided to take him for his first swimming lesson this week maximum cuteness ensued.

Inspired by Pep

It's been the ASPIRE4SPORT event, an annual congress of the biggest and best minds in sport, in Amsterdam this week. Guest speakers have included the likes of Marcelo Bielsa, Xavi Hernandez and Andre Villas-Boas all of whom have found glowing praise for Pep Guardiola.

Xavi's words can be seen by clicking here whereas Villas-Boas' praise is below.


Jesus in toast or Elvis Presley in bacon? World-famous names in food has been done before but Pep's face staring up at you out of a pizza is still pretty remarkable, right?

This Manchester United fan wasn't impressed.


Rumours keep on circulating that City favourites Oasis may be in line for a reunion. That's reason enough on our part for Mundial to share this photo of Liam and Noel looking particularly cool in a classic kit. 


Wait? What? How? Just some of our reactions as we watched Vannes goalkeeper Jean-Francois Bedenik keep out a TA Rennes penalty and the subsuquent rebounds in crazy fashion.

Next big things

Football is a game that can't help but look to the future. The Guardian have gone big on the stars of the next generation this week.

Jadon Sancho was named as City's biggest hope in their round-up of Premier League academies while Brahim Diaz made it on to the international list.

Cute and fluffy

#WorldAnimalDay came and went this week but not without lots of City supporting tail-waggers getting their moment of fame. We asked you for your best pets showing their pride in City gear and you responded in your droves.

Don't forget to send your suggestions for next week's round-up to @mancity!


แจ้งเปลี่ยนวัน-เวลาแข่ง เกมซิตี้ v คาร์ดิฟฟ์


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STAYING HOME: Delph, Otamendi and Stones

จอห์น สโตนส์ และฟาเบียน เดลฟ์ ต้องถอนตัวออกจากแคมป์ทีมชาติอังกฤษ เช่นเดียวกันกับนิโคลัส โอตาเมนดี้ ที่ได้ถอนตัวออกจากทีมชาติอาร์เจนติน่าเช่นกัน

3 แข้งเรือใบ ถอนตัวจากทีมชาติ

LEADING MAN: Pep Guardiola urges the Blues on

เป๊ป กวาดิโอล่า กล่าวถึงความเป็นไปได้ที่จะพาซิตี้คว้าถึง 4 แชมป์ในฤดูกาลนี้ ซึ่งถ้าเป็นไปได้ทั้งหมดจะได้เห็นกันในเดือนเมษายนนี้

กวาดิโอล่า : สี่แชมป์หรอ? มาถามผมอีกครั้งตอนเมษา!