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Zabaleta: Silva is the greatest City player ever

After reaching the 300-games landmark, David Silva's team-mates have been queuing up to sing his praises.

Pablo Zabaleta

“I must say he is my favourite player at City, for sure. I love him.

“I am so lucky to have been playing in the same side as great players but especially David because he is so good.

“It’s a pleasure watching him playing football. He’s class, his vision to play football.

“Probably one of my best seasons at City was when I was overlapping all the time and making runs because I knew the ball would always be there.

“He’s fantastic, so special.

“We are so lucky to have David at Manchester City; he’s been fantastic for so many years. Different class.

“I could keep talking about David all day because I love him so much. For me he’s the greatest City player ever.”

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“David, first of all, is known to everyone as The Wizard. He makes the ball disappear and makes it land back where no one expected.

“The thing with David is he should probably have had 100 goals already but because he’s allowed so many other players to score goals he’s probably excused for that.

“One thing David will have done is change the way Man City fans look at football. I think you had a lot of players come here - like I did, like Pablo Zabaleta did – but David Silva made sure there’s now another element that City fans expect to their football.

“We all want a David Silva in our teams of the future – he’s made it part of the Man City culture.

“Players like myself, Zaba, Joe [Hart] – we were always destined to do well at City. Players like David not so much when you look at the history of the Club.

“But now we always want to play like David.

“It’s unbelievable, the joy we’ve been able to witness on the pitch, the things he’s given us on his day…it’s a piece of art and as much as I like a big tackle and a big header, I can say honestly there is something incredible about what he is able to do.

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“I’m quite close with David. When I signed two years ago…it’s not been as good as could be for me but he’s been one of those guys who’s always comforted me when I’ve had injuries or niggles.

“He’s always been so positive with me, telling me what he thinks of me. For someone of his calibre - such an amazing player and amazing guy - to put his arm round you and help your confidence, it’s been absolutely fantastic for me.

“On a football level, he’s an amazing player and I wouldn’t be surprised if he played another 300 games. He seems to be getting sharper.”

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Willy Caballero

“David Silva is a very important person for us. “He’s a very good player, a very talented player.

“We need him a lot to create the chances that we create during the whole of the season.

“He’s just a fantastic player and, of course, when he doesn’t play, we miss him a lot.”


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