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Fernandinho: There's more to come

Fernandinho says Pep Guardiola and the Manchester City squad are working tirelessly to improve in key areas ahead of next season.

The Catalan boss has gradually altered the Blues’ style of play and there have been clear signs of improvement in recent months, with City unbeaten in their last six league games.

And although Fernandinho admits there have been difficulties in Guardiola’s first year in charge, he believes there are plenty of positives going into next season.

“Pep has his own philosophy and we have proved already we are able to do what he wants,” he said.

“This season has been tough for us; something went wrong.

“But at the end we still have a chance to go into the Champions League and I'm sure we can improve next season.

“That's our target, our goal, to win the next two games.

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“Especially the next one at home in front of our own fans because I think they deserve it.

“Then the last game is at Watford, which will be tough again but we are ready for that.

“We are trying to improve week by week, training session by training session.

“I'm sure we are improving for the next two games and for next season as well.”

City currently sit fourth in the Premier League with a game in hand on Liverpool just above them, leaving them needing two wins from their final two matches to secure automatic qualification for the group stages of next season’s Champions League.

Their most recent victory, a 2-1 win over Leicester, was far from straightforward and City needed to show plenty of resolve in the second half as last season’s champions rallied. 

But Fernandinho says it was vital to get over the line and secure the three points in order to keep their Champions League hopes in their own hands.

“We played well enough to get the three points,” he said.

“We started well in the first half. Second half there was lots of pressure, lots of long balls but at the end we got the points. That's the most important thing.

“I am happy for the three points because we have two games left and it was important to win.”


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